the plan: greatest lakes review publishes on a relaxed, rolling basis. we take submissions year round, so send some goodies over this way when your beautiful works of art are good and ready.

the bottom line: your work needs to make you happy. if it doesn't, you shouldn't be making it. be sure to read the above guidelines carefully. in addition, please note that you the author/artist retain the rights to your work upon publication. not that we don't love it, but we want you to keep it.

include at least two but no more than five poems, previously unpublished. free verse is preferred, but if it's good it's good. please check out some of the work that we normally publish before submitting.
send short stories or flash fiction (please keep it below the ballpark of 7500 words at a maximum) over to us, previously unpublished.
we seek photos in michigan or people in the great lakes region in some way. our photography section also includes graphic art. please specify where the picture was taken.